OMG! Indiana! WTF???!!!

As my brother so eloquently put it to me tonight….It is your decision to be rude, barbaric and downright disrespectful to other human beings! It is also my right to totally disagree with you and be glad i am not living in your state.

It was several, (several) years ago that this same question was brought to light. Should we allow them in or not?

Guess what we did! And for the most part it has worked out well!

There is no reason (other than you are dicks) that you should not allow gays, lesbians, and anyone else in your stores, other than you have a hatred for them and, oh yeah, its your right! Lucky you that you live in a democracy where your rights can trample on someone else’s but that is the way it works. Lucky for you! However, you do have to realize that the ones you don’t serve today may be your boss of tomorrow. Why, you ask do I think that? Because the people you do not serve today will be served by someone else and will eventually have a job where you are seeking to find one. Because, keep this crap up and you will no longer have a business and you will be looking for a new job.

Your American Dream will come to an end, theirs will just be beginning and what if they said “Nope, We do not hire Straight People here”!!!

Where would you be then?

Think about it!

It could come to that!

It has come to that, but not so obvious. How many businesses do you know that discriminate now knowingly or under the wire?

Will there come a day when all straight people are considered odd???

Yes probably because we cannot all learn to live as one entire race!

Yes there are people out there set on destroying us and yes we must protect ourselves but being gay is not a choice. it is a way a person is. Setting out to destroy a person is a choice, not the way you were born.

So, get with the program, Indiana. If you are going to wage a state war against anyone, it might just be yourselves.

You will lose in the end and the rest of the world will be laughing!!


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