Bruce Jenner

This is a 65 year old man…..right?

That is true.

I was not going to comment on this but felt I had to. I know people who felt they were supposed to be the oppiosite sex since they were old enough to realize it. I understand that.

BUT a man that went for 65 years being a single man, a husband, an olympic medalist, a role model for all swimmers out there and anyone else that looked up to him, (including me), to come out and say I am a woman! It is disgusting to most women. How can any man live that long and not know he was meant to be a woman?

I totally support anyone that needs to be who they were meant to be but to do it at this late a stage in life is just attention grabbing bullshit! He had the spotlight taken off him now that he is no longer a Kardashian, so he has to find something else to grab the spotlight.

That is what is sad about old time heroes and new time TV. If you go on TV as a has been, be prepared to be a has been with a new group.

IE: Axel Rose, Flava Flaiv ( I don’t know if that’s right, nor do I care) Ozzy, etc. You get my drift! Others are going to come along and steal your thunder! Its the circle of stardom. It happens because we grow as people. Well, most of us do.

Celebreties need to realize, just cause you were in the limelight once or twice, does not mean you will be there forever. Move on and let the younger crowd get there admiration!

Back to Bruce Jenner, YUCK, stop trying to grab the headlines but if you want to be a woman I am all for it, but Do Not say this is what I was always meant to be when you lived 65 years as a very virile man. Also, do not say your kids are the most important things in your life and you do not want to hurt them, when that is exactly what you are doing.

They may be grown but it is still a problem for them, take my word for it.

Just my opinion, feel free to agree or disagree, either way I welcome the input1


One thought on “Bruce Jenner

  1. Ok, here we go. If you were born with a penis and balls, you’re a guy. If not, you are a girl. It’s really that simple. Biology is something we’ve pretty well gotten figured out. If I think I’m a duck, I can say that all day long and it doesn’t change the fact that I’m not. We live in a world today where it’s medically possible to cut your dick off and live, and sow boobs on a dude. They still have the same number of fucking chromosomes. The answer to people who think they are something they are not is simple. BAT.SHIT.FUCKING.CRAZY. I don’t want a girl who thinks she’s a duck, or any other friggin’ wacko starin’ at my junk while I drain my budweiser in the MENS restroom.


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