Hillary Clinton

Ok I am as a new age person as any. I don;t mean crystals and such. I mean a new age thinker. I voted for Obama. As most of us did. Or he would not have been President.

My question is since we went with a (black) president….should we go with a female?

Only if her agendas meet ours.

Do they?

We will revisit this as the election proceedings go on….

I thought I was doing a right thing by voting for Obama, and for the most part I was happy…until the end.

Now I have a bigger problem ahead of me. Do I vote for a women or for a man/

i will have to reserve judgement until all is revealed…

One thing i know I will not do is vote for something new..unless it benefits us all.

Let me know what you think!

It should be very interesting!


One thought on “Hillary Clinton

  1. Read ” Sellout” by David P Schippers, and “Blood Fued” by Edward Klein and see how that influences you. Those two have been the center of so much controversy and shadowy criminality that it makes my stomach turn. Next you’ll tell me I should consider another (Jeb) Bush to put in office. My skin crawls at the thought of the ignorant mass being led to their demise. Both of those two care alot less about America then they do their own propagation of power. Fuck Hillary.
    Here’s some quick points…..http://www.mofopolitics.com/2014/02/05/top-5-hillary-clinton-crimes/


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