I was raised a democrat.I have voted democrat forever. But now I do not know what to do.I am 50 years old and never had this problem. Even my mother who has voted democrat all her life, has changed her mind. I wasn’t sure about her choice and I wanted to scream at her for choosing the path she chose but after some time researching and talking to my brother,(who was also a democrat), I almost,( almost) agree with both of them. I still have some reservations.

I still believe that he can be a detriment to our society but also a boon to our economy. I also believe he can set us back 100 years. But as my brother said….he can also move us forward.

But I also made my brother think…(which if you knew him is unusual)! So now what to do?

I do not want to vote for a liar and a pig or a communist or a suck ass.

Do I vote and withhold my power or vote and give power to someone that does not deserve it?

My daughter is 25 and never voted, but she said she would vote this time just to make sure her vote counts against him. But like I said my brother and I spent along time discussing this so maybe I can change her mind. Or maybe not.

I am going to vote but I am not sure yet what I am going to do. No matter what I choose it will be my choice and no one has the right to tell me I made the wrong choice. I can only pray that it is the right choice for all of us as my vote counts as does yours!

I will always be an American and vote.
May not be the right choice but it WILL BE MY CHOICE!

And no one can fault me for that!


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